MPLX named winner of GPA Midstream Environmental Excellence Award

SAN ANTONIO (April 15, 2019) - The GPA Midstream Association today honored MPLX with the Environmental Excellence Award during the association’s 98th annual GPA Midstream Convention.

The award is in recognition of MPLX’s outstanding initiative and leadership in environmental affairs for implementing the ZEVAC system, an alternative to using a flare. The company deployed it as a portable system for pigging operations in Ohio where significant reductions in emissions have already been achieved.

Results show the system can reduce VOC and methane emissions from pigging operations by up to 99 percent. The findings are a significant improvement over the allowable emissions levels when using venting or flaring.

MPLX continues to work in collaboration with TPE Midstream, the company that developed the ZEVAC system, toward further optimization of system efficiency for pigging operations and also with the goal to reduce de-inventory costs.

Additionally, MPLX is working with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to show that this process reduces emissions beyond what a portable flare can do.

Full details of the MPLX project featuring the ZEVAC system will be shared with other convention attendees later this week.

The Environmental Excellence Award is determined through an application process. GPA Midstream’s Environmental Committee reviews applications and selects the winner.

More information about the award, including the application, can be found at